Delivering with Grubbys

Grubbys rider

Grubbys Food Delivery works with delivery partners to the effect the last mile delivery of food and alcohol to doorsteps of its users who order online. Delivery drivers and riders manage their errands through a mobile application integrated on the Grubbys Ecosystem. The grubbys driver app utilises Google maps to help you navigate around the town or location while making deliveries. It also gives you a calendar view where you can see all your tasks, completed, pending and disputed tasks. Worth noting is the integrations of inbuilt communication tool that enables you communicate with the restaurant, Grubbys Customer Care  and the customer, so it enables very fast communication to enable you deliver the food in a turnaround time of under 35 minutes. Your work as the delivery guy is to pick the food from the restaurant to the client.

Grubbys enables you to be a manager of your own time as you can work at your time. You simply turn the “On Duty” button when available for deliveries to start accepting orders and “turn off” when you are not available. Payment is effected automatically once you’ve completed a task in your e-wallet. Payments is calculated based on a variety of parameters and usually a majority percentage of the delivery charge to the customer and it varies depending on the delivery infrastructure you’re using and time of the day, eg pay is higher during peak hours eg lunch and supper time. Also you receive 100% of tips in the case where the customer tips you for good service.

These are the requirements for you to deliver with Grubbys

  • Be 18 years and above of age
  • Produce your valid identifications documents ie ID
  • Own a delivery infrastructure eg Motorbike, Scooter ,Bike
  • Own a smartphone supporting android 4.4 and above
  • High work ethic and high levels of hygiene

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