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Running a restaurant involves a lot of work and prolonged persistence, definitely tiring at the beginning  but it’s a worthwhile course longterm.It’s a delicate balance between sourcing for best and high quality food ingredients and at the cheapest price, good customer care, good relations with employees for optimum performance , marketing and so  many other factors, and this has to be consistent so that you can build value for your team, clients and also stay ahead of competition.This is very stressful for small restaurant owners,cake shops and kitchens,because turning into profitability becomes a nightmare, courtsy of high overheads, high operational costs and other market forces that work  against starters or those looking to grow.

Grubbys , a technology startup, is dedicated and comes in handy as a conduit for restaurant owners.Grubbys  to take of part of the stress associated.Grubbys is an ordering and delivery company,whereby menus of local restuarants are availed on the plartform( website and mobile app) and users can order food directly from listed restuarants in that area then food is delivered to them in under 45 Minutes.The ordering, fulfillment and delivery process is managed efficiently through intergrated applications.Grubbys has a delivery network made of well trained, clean high work ethic riders who work as Grubbys Delivery guys.They are also fully branded and equipped with a  branded food delivery bag which is thermal insulated to keep food at the right temperature.So when a client places an order, you the restaurant owner receives it through your order fulfillment app,packages it as the delivery guy is dispatched to pick and deliver the order.Its a seamless automatically coordinated process.

Benefits your restuarant gets from Grubbys

You get an extra sales channels as grubbys takes care of customer acquisition though intense marketing, branding and awareness of your services and food.This definitely means you increase your sales significantly and since its for delivery,you don’t get into extra operational costs such as adding employees or renting more space to accommodate the the additional clients.You can basically serve 1000 orders in the same infrastructure you used to serve 10 people,literally.So your work becomes concentrating on cooking quality food consistenly.

A partnership with Grubbys also comes with additional marketing, brand visibility and more so digital presence.Leverage on Grubbys food community on social media,blogs and even on homepage of the website itself to have more people knowing and buying from the brand.Sponosred listing on search,blog posts, social media posts, email marketing and sms marketing are all Grubbys tools that could get your restaurant to the next growth stage

The plartform has a rating and review system that allows users to genuinely rate and review your restaurant.This honest feedbacks will help you as the owner of the restaurant to improve on your services.

As a Grubbys merchant, you have a powerful admin panel that helps you manage and track the performance of your restaurant graphically and in real time.There is a dashboard that shows you graphs of how the different items on your menu are selling,sales volume, so you can know how to customize your stock further to meet market expectations and demand.From here you can also create vouchers, dicounts, manage your employees, update your menu etc.

Grubbys merchant support is also available on 24/7 to help you on any issues or inquiries pertaining your restaurant.So are you chef or own a restaurant or snack shop?Jump your increase your sales, brand awareness and enjoy all the benefits that comes with partnering Grubbys.Sign up now.

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